Policy Brief: Enhancing the Emerging Digital Technologies Ecosystems in Kenya

The project team has completed a review of the emerging digital technology ecosystems in Kenya and South Africa. This included assessment of the level of maturity of the ecosystems. The key messages for policymakers from the studies follow.

Key Messages from Kenya

  • The growth of connected devices and associated emerging digital technologies (EDTs) has led to substantial data generation
  • Developed countries dominate EDT/x-data based applications hindering their potential to address socio- economic challenges in developing countries like Kenya
  • Accessibility issues exist for under-represented groups such as persons with disabilities and those in marginalized areas with slow internet connections
  • Four categories of data collectively referred to as “x- data” are identified: big data, open data, user-generated data, and real-time-data.
  • Gaps in support systems have created digital divides between developing and developed countries
  • Challenges in data use persist due to competing sources, data quality, limited awareness and inadequate transformation
  • Kenya ranks well in Artificial Intelligence (AI) readiness globally and in sub-Saharan Africa.

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